Online Gambling Watchdog aims to ensure that players are given the right to decide whether they would like to partake in online casino and other gambling games. We believe that in a civilized society, adults should be able to make an informed decision as to whether they would wish to undertake online gambling.

However, we also believe that as in European markets, the online casino and gambling markets need some form of regulation. By that we mean that all operators operating within online gambling markets should be regulated. Appropriate regulation and legislation helps ensure players are protected, an important factor to all stakeholders involved in the industry.

In terms of regulation, all operators providing free slots games or other forms of online casino games should also be vetted and licensed. It’s important that given the increasing importance in social media in recent years, that legislation takes account and keeps up to date with such technological advances. Free slots games in particular are becoming increasingly popular across a number of websites. You only need to visit social networking sites such as Facebook, or dedicated free sites such as, to see that free slots are incredibly popular. However, it’s important to ensure that these games are only available to players over the appropriate legal age limit, and this is something we strongly believe legislators and regulators should focus on.

The gambling landscape across the world is complex for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the dependency that many state and federal governments have towards gambling related revenue. It’s high time that vested interests, particularly those where gambling has historically operated in a monopoly environment are challenged, so that any regulation and legislation is not only fair to players but is flexible enough to ensure the market remains competitive.

The vested interests of the land based casino sector cannot be ignored, and whilst they undoubtedly have a right to express an opinion on the rights, wrongs and perceived risks of online gambling, these views should not be allowed to out way the democratic process.

Playing casino games is a popular form of entertainment within a number of countries, and the issue of internet casino gambling needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. According to the European Commission, EU gambling is growing at around 3% and is estimated at around €84.9 billion. The size of this market simply cannot be ignored, and at the time of writing there does not appear to be any sector-specific EU legislation for gambling services.

For more information on the state of legislation within the European market, the EU has produced a green paper about online gambling within the internal market. It makes interesting reading. So too does the manifesto on the EU gambling market, a document that makes a number of suggestions for an effective EU framework for the development for an online gambling market in Europe. This document addresses a number of issues, including approaches to problem gambling and how to fight sport fraud, both topics that are vitally important to the industry.

We hope to keep you informed as to the latest debates concerning the various approaches to regulation of the online gambling industry. Please get in touch with us if you would like to hear more about our aims and objectives.