What Happened!?

Nevada Regional Director at Ron Paul 2012 Jeremy Brace speaking from Henderson days after the Nevada caucus states, "I'm tired of hearing about voter fraud in Nevada. There was no voter fraud. The ballots were hand counted in front of members of each campaign and validated. The problems lied in the ineptness of the Nevada GOP's caucus procedure and the fact RP supporters didn't turn out to vote." He added, "We had enough supporters to beat Romney."

Communication and organization skills were null & void at the event run by Nevada's GOP party. The scene at Valley High school was chaotic and reports have come back from other caucus spots that it was a mess all over Clark County. Similar complaints arise: Nobody knew where the Precinct Captain packages were at, voters couldn't find their rooms, rooms were messy, and rules were broke.

At 8am my son and I walked into Valley High, planning to run our meeting. We knew the first one there can grab the captain's package. Which would have given us an hour to read and understand the handout - Perfect! Instead packets weren't distributed until after the 9AM start time. Captains were left confused trying to take in all the information while caucus onlookers waited impatiently. Arguments ensued, voters showed up late. I was not impressed.

There were some who made the best of the situation. Ron Paul activist and party volunteer Bob Spirit made the best of the situation. He arrived at Silverado High School at 7AM and in the first 2 hours he was able to get 20 precinct meeting up and running by encouraging someone to run the meeting and getting them set up. He then chaired his own precinct meeting, which thanks to Spirit's efforts, was a big success.

So it seems Ron Paul's 3rd place finish was do to his campaign's failure to get out the vote. Perhaps he was the delegate winner, after all it's one thing to join a neighborhood meeting. Coughing up $40 to attend a large drawn out gathering is another story.

As for the 2008/2012 comparison, that is probably due to the low voter turnout. Mitt Romney had 22,646 votes in 2008 and 16,486 in 2012, so his vote total was much lower in comparison.

Check the results of your precinct here with this evidence. So far I haven't heard any specific challenges.
Evidence: 2012 NV Rep. Caucas Twitter voter update including precinct totals: txt file from Feb. 6 PM.

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